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Senior Adult Disciple Group


Testimony Week 1 Windsor.jpg
Unwrapping Christmas Week 3 Windsor.jpg
Unwrapping Christmas Week 3.jpg
Unwrapping Christmas Week 1.jpg
It Doesn't Make Sense Week 2.jpg
It Doesn't Make Sense Week 1 .jpg
Live Abundantly Week 4 Abundant Work.jpg
Live Abundantly Week 3 Abundant Friendship.jpg
Live Abundantly Week 2 Abundant Marriage.jpg
As for Me and My House Week 3 Windsor.jpg
As For Me and My House Week 1 Singleness and Dating 2.jpg
James Week 8 Windsor.jpg
James Week 7 Faith Works.jpg
Anything is Possible Week 8 Healing in His Wings.jpg
Anything is Possible Week 7 Mary Anoints Jesus Feet.jpg
Anything is Possible Week  Jesus Raises Lazarus.jpg
Anything is Possible Week 5 Jesus Feeds 5000.jpg
Jude Week 1 MBS.jpg
Tear Off the Roof Week 3 Worship Service.jpg
Water to Wine Week 2.jpg
Rescue Mission Week 5 MBS.jpg
1010 Life Week 5.jpg
Rescue Mission Week 1 MBS.jpg
Anything is Possible Week 4 Pool of Bethesda.jpg
Rescue Mission Week 2 MBS.jpg
1010 Life Week 2 MBS.jpg
1010 Life Week 1 MBS.jpg
Next Thing Week 3 MBS.jpg
Next Thing Week 2 MBS.jpg
Next Thing Week 1 MBS.jpg
Psalms Week 21 MBS.jpg
Psalms Week 20 MBS.jpg
Psalms Week 19 MBS.jpg
Psalms Week 18.jpg
Psalms Week 17 MBS.jpg
Psalms Week 16 MBS.jpg
Psalms Week 15 MBS.jpg
Psalms Week 14.jpg
Psalms Week 11.jpg
Psalms Week 10.jpg
Psalms Week 8.jpg
Psalms Week 7.jpg
Psalms Week 6.jpg
Psalms Week 4 MBS.jpg
Psalms Week 1.jpg
If the Tomb is Empty Week 7.jpg
If the Tomb is Empty Week 6.jpg
If the Tomb is Empty Week 3.jpg
If the Tomb is Empty Week 3a.jpg
If the Tomb is Empty Week 1.jpg
Upside Down Kingdom Week 5.jpg
Upside Down Kingdom Week 6.jpg
Upside Down Kingdom Week 4.jpg
Upside Down Kingdom Week 3.jpg
Upside Down Kingdom Week 2.jpg
Upside Down Kingdom Week 1.jpg
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